WANG Shining,YANG Xiaojing,AN Guozhi.Research Progress of IL-9 in the Pathogenesis of Skin Diseases[J].The Chinese Journal of Dermatovenereology,2020,(11):1326-1330.[doi:10.13735/j.cjdv.1001-7089.201912114]





Research Progress of IL-9 in the Pathogenesis of Skin Diseases
河北北方学院附属第一医院皮肤科,河北 张家口 075000
WANG ShiningYANG XiaojingAN Guozhi
Dermatology First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei North University,Zhangjiakou 075000,China
IL-9 Th9 银屑病 特应性皮炎 黑素瘤 发病机制
IL-9 Th9 Psoriasis Atopic dermatitis Melanoma Pathogenesis
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Interleukin 9(IL-9)is a pleiotropic functional cytokine produced by different immune cells.Sources of IL-9 include mast cells,natural killer T lymphocytes(NKT),Th2,Th17,Treg and ILC2 cells,while the main producers of IL-9 are Th9 cells.IL-9 is a multi-acting pro-inflammatory factor that plays an important role in allergies,anti-inflammatory and tumor immune regulation.In recent years,studies have found that IL-9 is involved in the pathological processes of psoriasis,systemic lupus erythematosus,atopic dermatitis,and melanoma.In this report,we review recent advances in the biological effects of IL-9 and its correlation with skin diseases.


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