CAI Yutian,GUO Yuan,GUO Ningning,et al.Application of Endocan in the Diagnosis of Dermatological Diseases[J].The Chinese Journal of Dermatovenereology,2019,(07):836-839.[doi:10.13735/j.cjdv.1001-7089.201804016]





Application of Endocan in the Diagnosis of Dermatological Diseases
1.江苏大学医学院,江苏 镇江 212001; 2.江苏大学附属医院皮肤科,江苏 镇江 212001
CAI Yutian12GUO Yuan12GUO Ningning12LIU Liping12LI Yumei12
(1.Medical College of Jiangsu University,Zhenjiang 212001,China; 2.Department of Dermatology,Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University,Zhenjiang 212001,China)
Endocan/ESM-1 内皮细胞特异性分子-1 新型标志物 皮肤病
Endocan/ESM-1 Endothelial cell specific molecule-1 New marker Skin diseases
R 751
Endocan又称内皮细胞特异性分子-1(endothelial cell specific molecule-1,ESM-1),是一种可溶性硫酸皮肤素蛋白聚糖(DSPG),在正常人体内主要由肺、肾脏血管内皮细胞分泌,受细胞因子、血管生长因子、转录因子等多种因素的复杂调控。初步研究表明,Endocan与血管、淋巴管的生成及多种生物分子调控机制有关,其在炎症和肿瘤的发生发展中起重要作用。近年研究发现,Endocan也参与了多种皮肤病的病理过程,其或可对皮肤病的诊断和预后评估具有临床意义。
Endocan,also known as endothelial cell specific molecule-1(ESM-1),is a soluble dermatan sulfate proteoglycan(DSPG)that is secreted by the vascular endothelial cells of the lung and kidney.Endocan is regulated by a number of factors such as cytokines,VEGF and TNF.Preliminary studies show that Endocan is associated with angiogenesis,lymphangiogenesis and regulatory mechanisms of many biomolecules,which plays important roles in the development and progression of inflammation and cancer.Recently,studies have found that Endocan is involved in the pathological progress of various skin diseases,which may have clinical application for diagnosis and prognostic assessment in dermatological diseases.


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