LI Shanshan,NIE Shu,LYU Ting,et al.Advances in Xerosis Cutis[J].The Chinese Journal of Dermatovenereology,2019,(05):599-603.[doi:10.13735/j.cjdv.1001-7089.201807124]





Advances in Xerosis Cutis
复旦大学附属华东医院皮肤科,上海 200040
LI Shanshan NIE Shu LYU Ting ZHANG Jiechen WANG Hongwei
(Department of Dermatology, Huadong Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai 200040, China)
Dry skinBarrier function Stratum corneum Moisturizer
R 758.1
皮肤干燥症(skin xerosis)是仅以皮肤干燥为主要临床表现,不伴有皮肤瘙痒和炎症表现的一种常见皮肤病。它是皮肤屏障受损的最初表现,可发生于任何年龄,以老年人多发。其病因和影响因素较多,主要由于皮肤屏障受损、角质层含水量降低引起。临床表现主要为皮肤干燥粗糙、细纹。临床治疗关键是保护和恢复皮肤屏障功能。本文将对皮肤干燥症的发病机制和临床诊治现状等内容进行综述,以引起大家对皮肤干燥症的重视,提高临床诊治水平。
Xerosis cutis is a common skin disease characterized by dry skin without pruritus and inflammation.It is the initial manifestation of impaired skin barrier.Xerosis cutis can occur in any age, but more often in the elderly.Although there are many causes and influencing factors, the main contributors are impaired skin barrier and the decreased water content in the stratum corneum.The clinical manifestations of this disease include dry and rough skin.Protection and restoration of skin barrier function are the key approaches in the treatment of xerosis cutis.This article will review the pathogenesis of xerosis cutis and the status of clinical diagnosis and treatment in order to provoke people′s attention to this disorder, and to improve diagnosis and treatment.


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