WANG Yuan,ZHANG Shu-jing,CAI Li-xia,et al.Prevalence and Analysis of HIV Infection in Tumor Patients in Cancer Hospital[J].The Chinese Journal of Dermatovenereology,2017,(04):410-411,418.[doi:10.13735/j.cjdv.1001-7089.201610013]





Prevalence and Analysis of HIV Infection in Tumor Patients in Cancer Hospital
复旦大学附属肿瘤医院医院感染管理科,复旦大学上海医学院肿瘤学系,上海 200032
WANG YuanZHANG Shu-jingCAI Li-xiaZHANG Yan
Department of Hospital Infection,Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center,Department of Oncology,Shanghai Medical College,Shanghai 200032,China
肿瘤 人类免疫缺陷病毒 感染
Tumor Human immunodeficiency virus Infection
R 512.91
目的 了解肿瘤专科医院就诊患者人类免疫缺陷病毒(HIV)感染现况及特点,为防治院内HIV感染提供依据。方法 对本院2010年1月-2015年12月收治的肿瘤患者进行HIV抗体检测,回顾性分析HIV抗体阳性者的临床资料。结果 234 862例肿瘤患者中,HIV抗体阳性者64例(0.27‰),呈逐年上升趋势; 该64例以淋巴瘤、宫颈癌和肺癌最为常见,分别占23.44%,14.06%和10.94%; 以50~59岁患者居多占29.68%(19例); 合并乙肝、梅毒和乙肝梅毒双重感染者最常见,分别占17.19%,15.63%和9.38%。结论 针对肿瘤患者HIV感染的特点,对肿瘤患者进行HIV常规筛查,采取有效的治疗防护措施,避免院内交叉感染的发生。
Objective To study the prevalence and characteristics of human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)infection in tumor patients in Cancer Hospital in order to provide guidance for clinical diagnosis and treatment and to prevent hospital infection.Methods The HIV antibody was tested for 234 862 tumor patients who were treated in our hospital between January 2010 and December 2015,and the HIV antibody-positive tumor patients were screened out.The clinical data of those patients were analyzed retrospectively.Results 234 862 patients were given anti-HIV testing and 64 of whom were diagnosed with HIV infection. The positive rate was 0.27%. The number of positive cases increased year by year. HIV antibody positive patients with lymphoma, cervical cancer and lung cancer were common, accounting for 23.44%, 14.06% and 10.94% respectively. Patients with age range from 50 to 59 years accounted for most of all the infections,accounting for 29.68%(19 cases). The HIV antibody-positive tumor patients with hepatitis B, syphilis, dual infection of syphilis and hepatitis B were common, accounting for 17.19%, 15.63% and 9.38% respectively. Conclusion According to the characteristics of HIV infection in cancer patients, we should perform HIV routine screening for tumor patients and take effective protection methods to prevent the occurrence of nosocomial infection.


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