WANG Ping,WANG Ziyue,HUANG Kun,et al.Risk Factors of Psoriatic Arthritis and its Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms[J].The Chinese Journal of Dermatovenereology,2021,(01):96-441149a5-38a4-4f92-b692-d32f3860688f/pdf.[doi:10.13735/j.cjdv.1001-7089.202003078]





Risk Factors of Psoriatic Arthritis and its Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms
Department of Dermatology,the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University,Chongqing 400016,China
银屑病关节炎 早期预防 风险因素 分子机制 细胞机制
Psoriatic arthritis Early prevention Risk factors Molecular mechanisms Cellular mechanisms
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银屑病关节炎(psoriatic arthritis,PsA)是一种与银屑病相关的慢性炎症性关节病,主要表现为外周关节炎、附着点炎、指(趾)炎和脊柱关节炎,其临床表现和治疗反应具有较高的异质性,表现形式多样、复杂,且有一定的致残率,严重影响患者的身心健康、生活质量和工作能力。早期诊断和干预其病程可显著改善PsA临床前阶段的临床指标和影像学结果,因此,早期识别、治疗PsA对于改善患者长期预后非常重要。本文将就PsA的发病风险因素、早期预防策略及单纯皮肤受累的银屑病(cutaneous psoriasis,PsC)向PsA转变的分子细胞学机制进行综述。
Psoriatic arthritis(PsA)is a chronic inflammatory joint disease associated with psoriasis. It is mainly manifested in peripheral arthritis,enthesitis,dactylitis,and spondyloarthritis. The clinical manifestation and treatment response of PsA are highly heterogeneous,and there is a certain rate of disability,which seriously affects the physical and mental health,and work ability of patients. Early diagnosis and intervention of its course can significantly improve the clinical indicators and imaging results of PsA in the preclinical stage. Therefore,early identification and treatment of PsA is very important to improve the long-term prognosis of patients. This article reviews the risk factors for PsA,early prevention strategies,and the molecular and cytological mechanisms of cutaneous psoriasis(PsC)to PsA.


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